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Twisted pairs

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Twisted Pair: Innovative Communication Technology

Twisted pair cable is a data transmission technology that has gained wide popularity in the world of network communications. This type of wire consists of 2 strands coiled around each other, which reduces the influence of external interference and electromagnetic fields. It provides high speed and stable data transfer, allowing you to create reliable computer networks.

Variety of twisted pair categories for network solutions

  • UTP: This type is built without EMI protection. It consists of two wires that are twisted together in a spiral form, but do not have additional protection. They are widely used in office and home networks.
  • STP: This model is already shielded. Designed to reduce external electromagnetic interference.
  • FTP: This type also has a screen, but in this case it is made in the form of a foil. The FTP type provides protection against electromagnetic interference by wrapping the conductors in foil.
  • S/UTP: This is a combination of shielding at certain locations and normal twisted pair. This may be, for example, a wire in which protection is applied only in some sections of the cable, and in other sections it is absent.
  • S/FTP: This is a combination of spot shielding and foil shielding. This type can provide a higher degree of protection against external factors than just S/UTP or UTP.
  • RSTP: This is a reinforced, protected type of cable designed for use in more demanding conditions or environments. RSTP models usually have stronger shells and increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Twisted Pair Tips for Your Business

Assess network requirements and determine expected data rates.
Prefer higher cable categories for future network expansion.
Choose shielded conductors (STP or FTP) for high noise environments or unshielded (UTP) for office networks.
Purchase goods from reliable manufacturers that meet network standards. Ipcom is such a company, and we provide an opportunity to buy high-quality twisted-pair cable that meets all standards.
If necessary, consult with experts and test the network after installation to ensure stable operation.

In assortment Ipcom twisted pair cable UTP 5e

This type of wire is an innovative solution that provides high performance and reliable data transmission.

The "5e" standard denotes a category that meets certain technical requirements and specifications. The "e" specification means "enhanced".

This is an upgraded version of Category 5 wire. It has a number of advantages over others. It gives higher information transfer rate and less signal loss. And yet, it supports standards such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
In our assortment you will find a twisted pair cable, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you with its affordability, while maintaining the high quality and reliability of the product.


Advantages of cooperation with Ipcom manufacturing company

Ipcom offers a wide range of telecommunications, optical and climate equipment with the best prices on the market. We specialize in wholesale deliveries and create interesting offers for wholesale buyers.

Our company guarantees an official guarantee for all products, which confirms the high quality and reliability of the equipment. All of our clients are of the highest priority and we place particular emphasis on providing an impeccable quality of service.

We offer fast and high-quality delivery throughout Ukraine, ensuring timely delivery of orders to anywhere in the country. Together with Ipcom, you get a reliable supplier and confidence in the long-term and stable operation of your network.

By choosing us as your optical fiber and twisted pair supplier, you can count on a reliable and professional partnership.



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