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Twisted pair cable

To transmit the signal in the network without distortion and interference, a twisted pair cable is used. The technology of interlacing in pairs of conductors, with a different number of twists, is used to ensure that the signal at a high frequency is protected from the influence of a magnetic field.
The conductors are most often made of copper. There are also cables where aluminum or steel is added to the conductors, which on the one hand allows you to buy it at a low price, but on the other hand, the difference in the technical properties of metals leads to an increase in attenuation and low signal quality.
To protect the conductors, a common foil shield or braid of each core is used, as indicated by the designation FTP and STP. UTP twisted pair cable is produced without armor and shield. On the one hand, this makes it less protected, but on the other hand, during the installation of the line, it is not necessary to do grounding. It can be mounted both outdoors and indoors.
The cable also differs by category. The gradation is based on the signal transmission rate and technical parameters. At the moment, only two categories of twisted pair cable are in demand. To build an Ethernet network and ensure a stable signal transmission rate of up to 100 meters, a twisted pair cable of category 5 and an improved version of a twisted pair cable 5e are used.
Categories 1-4 can be found mainly in older buildings and are now considered obsolete. Categories 6-8 refer to cables that will become an alternative to cat 5e twisted pair cable in the future, but due to their high cost, these types are rarely used now.

Basic parameters of twisted pair

The cable can be single-core and with a bundle of conductors, i.e. stranded. This means that one or more conductors are running under the braid. Monolithic (single-core) cable is best used for straight sections, since it does not withstand the bends of the cable route. However, it is easy to plug into connectors and is used primarily for connection to outlets. The process of connecting multicore cables, for example a 6 twisted pair cable, is laborious and possible with patch cords, but it is resistant to bends and twists.
Such a cable allows laying a continuous line at a distance of about 98 m. A network with a copper cable, in comparison with optical fiber, is simple to install, easy to maintain and cost-effective in terms of total costs. Stranded twisted pair cable is used for:

In the twisted pair cable, the outer braid can be PVC, PE or flame retardant and smokeless materials to ensure safe operation. Outdoor cables are characterized by a reinforced braid, which makes it resistant to frost or hot weather. Street lines can run in pipelines, between houses or from pole to house, as well as in basements.
In buildings, less protected computer twisted pair cable is used. The lines can run along the floor and along the walls with zip fastening, or run in cable ducts or trays. If the cable is used to conduct the Internet to the apartment, then it is necessary to calculate the number of cores. To connect one apartment, you need 4 cores, if you need to make many connections, it is more profitable to use a cable with a large number of conductors.

Benefits of ordering in our store

The high cost of organizing communication networks forces many companies to choose more budget options when purchasing equipment, equipment, and cables. Ipcom offers a wide range of products necessary for the installation of computer networks, as well as complex solutions for organizing a data center.

Advantages of ordering a twisted pair cable from Ipcom
favorable prices for components and equipment;
everything that is needed to organize a communication network is collected on one site;
custom-made telecommunication cabinets.
If you need advice on the assortment or help in choosing the type of twisted pair cable, you can leave a request on the Ipcom website or call us yourself. If you are in Kharkov, Lvov or Kiev, we will be glad to see you in our offices. During the consultation, the managers will answer which cable for the Internet is best suited for your project for each specific section of the network, or will prompt you what to choose a twisted pair cable or fiber optic.
We work with clients all over the country. We helped start-up startups get started and provided equipment for major Internet providers. The entire range of goods is in stock. You can buy a coil of twisted-pair cable or a certain length from us at a favorable cost. You can place an order yourself through the website or by phone. As a transport company, you can choose Deliveri or Novaya Pochta and arrange targeted delivery or to the warehouse nearest to you. The goods are delivered to Sumy, Ternopil or Vinnitsa in 2 days. You can track the location of the goods through the parcel tracker.
Ipcom offers the best and financially beneficial solutions for your company.



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