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Ferocon Server Rack

A server rack is a simple and affordable solution when you need to place and organize telecommunications, crossover or networking equipment. It saves free space in the room due to its compact size and the ability to install equipment along the entire height of the structure.
The open server rack, due to the absence of side walls, allows easy access to the equipment from all sides.
Server racks are steel strips with perforations and special fasteners that are connected in pairs. Server racks are divided into two main types:

  • with one frame;
  • with two frames.

Single-frame structures are suitable for installing small equipment such as patchcords or boxes. Such models can serve as an intermediary in a large complex or used by small companies.
Two-frame racks for server equipment are considered an alternative to closed cabinets. They can withstand a higher load and are characterized by increased strength. Side panels can be installed if necessary. Such designs are used by large and small companies, as well as start-up startups.


How to choose and assemble a server rack

When choosing a server rack model, you need to take into account the number and dimensions of your equipment in order to find a design that is suitable in all respects. The height of the rack is determined by the number of units (cells), each of which is 44.4 mm. A clear unit of measure makes it easy to correlate equipment size with rack capacity.
In order to buy a server rack of a suitable size, it is necessary to calculate the real number of occupied units, and also provide for several spare cells that will remain free. They may be needed if additional equipment is installed in a rack in the future. The holes provided for fastening are located in such a way that after the installation of the equipment there is enough space for the cable.

Depending on the model, the rack size can be from 6 to 48 units (U), i.e. the maximum height will be over two meters. The most popular sizes are 16U, 24U, 32U, 42U. The height of standard equipment is 1-2U, some types may be 4U-6U. When choosing a server rack, the dimensions of the structure are determined not only by the cells, but also by the parameters of the width and depth. The standard common width is 19 or 23 inches. The depth can vary from 600 to 1000 mm.
No specific skills are required to assemble an open server rack. Only a wrench is needed for installation. A set of hardware and instructions are supplied with the design.


Where to buy a Ferocon server rack profitably

Knowing the necessary parameters, it is not difficult to purchase a server rack now. The market has a lot of offers from stores at various prices. Ipcom, focusing on customer needs, produces high quality server racks at competitive prices. We make floor models for the 19 "standard.
The catalog on the site contains models in a different price range. For server racks, the price is formed based on the number of units. As the height of the structure increases, the cost increases. Standard Ipcom server racks contain 24, 33 and 42 units. Models in other sizes are available on request.

We offer server floor racks that are mounted on legs. The ability to independently adjust their height allows you to avoid skewing if the floor in the room is uneven. If necessary, you can order a rack on wheels, if you plan to move the equipment.
In the online store of the Ipcom manufacturer, you can buy server racks in any quantity with delivery to any city, including Vinnitsa, Poltava, Berdyansk or Dobropolye. Designs are sent unassembled. As a carrier, you can choose the company New Mail or Deliveri. Delivery times and costs are set by transport companies.
Ipcom provides optimal solutions for your company at competitive prices.

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