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WAGA SMART PARKING DOZOR - a system for monitoring and detecting violations Complex solutions


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The outdoor weatherproof climate case IPCOM is designed for the installation of active and passive telecommunications equipment. Protects against environmental influences and unauthorized access. An excellent solution for building networks (providers, security agencies, enterprises, etc.), if there is a need to place equipment on the street.
Telecommunication climate cabinets are operated at temperatures from -40 ° С to + 40 ° С. Inside the cabinet, the required temperature is maintained by fan cooling units or air conditioning, as well as by a heat fan.When developing the Guardian series, the wishes of our customers were taken into account:When developing the Guardian series, the wishes of our customers were taken into account:


 - for the convenience of placement and installation of equipment, climate cabinets have a modular design with the ability to change the height and depth of the racks;
 - A choice of air conditioning (fan, air conditioning);
 - connectors for cable entry are located in the lower and frontal parts.

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Габариты (ШхВхГ), мм 800х1066Х(825или1025)
Кабельные вводы
Макс. стат. нагрузка
Отопительный вентилятор
Степень защиты
Тип исполнения
Шаг регулировки монтажных стоек, мм
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