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Fiber optic drop cables

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Fiber optic cable FTTH, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 1.0kN
Fiber optic cable FTTH, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 1.0kN

Fiber optic cable FTTH, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 1.0kN

3.09 грн.

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FTTH fiber optic cable, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 0.5kN
FTTH fiber optic cable, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 0.5kN

FTTH fiber optic cable, 1F G657A1, LSZH, 0.5kN

2.38 грн.

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FTTH optical cable
FTTH cable is a fiber optic cable with a power element that runs from the equipment used by Internet providers to the user's terminal installed in the house. The signal in the network is transmitted due to the movement of the light flux.
FTTH subscriber cable is allowed to be used in cottage settlements and the private sector. There are no technical restrictions for use in apartment buildings, but due to the high cost of cable and equipment, such a solution is not in demand. The FTTH cable has been jacketed to withstand temperature fluctuations and precipitation. Therefore, the line can be drawn on the street, from post to room or from post to post. In houses, the cable can be laid in special trays, behind a baseboard or in a pipeline, and in multi-storey buildings in mines.
The main advantage is that at a distance of 15-20 km from the communication center, the cable can transmit a signal without loss, which eliminates the need to install special signal amplifiers. Laying lines using FTTH cables allows you to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of technical premises, since there is no need to install switching equipment.
FTTH cable advantages
Depending on the type, FTTH optical cable consists of one or more fibers, which are inside a plastic sheath, which acts as a mirror for the reflection and movement of light. Armored cover, kevlar or steel wire serve as load-bearing elements.
The outer protective sheath LSZH makes it possible to lay the cable in homes or offices, in the event of a fire, it does not smoke and does not emit toxic substances. The fragile structure of the cable is reliably protected and is not afraid of shock, twisting or stretching.
In FTTH fiber optic cable, the number of fibers depends on the design of the network, that is, on its topology and the number of transceiver nodes. In practice, the following are most often used:
FTTH cable 1 fiber;
2 fiber FTTH cable;
4 fiber FTTH optical cable.
Passive networks based on FTTH fiber optic cable are recognized for long-lasting and high signal transmission speed. Benefits of using FTTH network:
high reliability of the network due to the technical parameters of the cable and the absence of the need to use a remote power supply;
easy to carry out network re-switching by reinstalling the crossover equipment;
just build a parallel network and you can refuse the reverse channel.
The price of fiber-optic FTTH cable is 20% higher compared to FTT with cables, but the difference can be compensated by rational choice of additional equipment.
Why is it profitable to buy FTTH cable in our store
Ipcom offers a wide range of products for information technology companies. We follow the development of IT and telecommunications and present new products and modern solutions for the implementation of projects.
The assortment of the company includes telecommunication and climate cabinets, racks, which we independently produce, optical boxes, patchcords, optical cords, as well as fiber-optic cable. You can buy a Chinese-made FTTH fiber optic cable G657A1 from us. You can buy it in a certain area or in a bay at a low price.
You can place an order at the company's representative office or through the website. The central office is located in Kharkov, there are also offices in Lvov and Kiev. If necessary, the Ipcom manager will provide a full consultation on the goods of the store and select the products that match your request.
We work by bank transfer and send goods to any city. If the item is in stock, we will prepare it for dispatch on the day of ordering. Prompt delivery allows you to receive a parcel in Mariupol or Uzhgorod within 2-3 days. You can also pick up the goods yourself at the warehouse.
Ipcom offers rational solutions for the placement and protection of equipment and favorable conditions for the production of products to order.



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