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Fiber optic splitter

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Buy optical splitters (splitters) from the manufacturer
The company "IPcom" manufactures splitters for optical cables of all possible configurations. A splitter or splitter is a passive piece of equipment that splits one input signal into multiple (usually 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128) outputs. Main scope of application:

PON - passive fiber optic networks;
HTTH - “optics to home” technology, that is, to the end-user equipment;
HFC - hybrid systems optics plus coaxial.
We sell welded (FBT) optical splitters for patch cords and other applications. Their difference from laminar devices is a simpler manufacturing technology, and hence a lower price. In addition, welded splitters or coplers allow you to divide the signal in different proportions, which is important when distributing the flow between consumers at different distances from the source or with an asymmetric bandwidth.

As a manufacturer, we will offer low prices for an optical splitter. It provides for the sale of components both retail and wholesale. To find out the conditions for the purchase of large batches of dividers, contact our manager.

Types of optical cable splitters in the "IPcom" catalog
We have prepared a wide range of optical splitters:

Y-type with one input and multiple outputs, and X-configuration with multiple input lines;
splitterrs for single-mode and multimode optics - single-window for a wavelength of 1310 nm or 1550 nm, two-window, transmitting both signals, three-window, additionally adapted to 1490 nm, broadband, operating in the 1270-1630 nm range;
with or without termination with connectors of any type.
We use modern high-precision equipment and high-quality consumables from trusted manufacturers, therefore, we guarantee the proper quality of the optical cable splitter.

If necessary, we will make a splitter of any desired configuration according to your individual order.

Buy an optical splitter with delivery across Ukraine
We send splitters to all regions by transport companies. Our representative offices are open in Kharkov, Kiev and Lvov - here, by prior agreement with the manager, self-pickup is possible.

We provide favorable discounts for large wholesale lots.



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