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Splice cassette

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Splice cassette
A splice cassette is used to insert a bundle of cables, fix the welding point of a pigtail with an optical fiber, and also to protect the backup fiber from breaking. The cassette looks like a plastic tray or box. Despite being lightweight, it is robust and protects cables reliably. It can be white, gray and black.
The internal structure is simple and straightforward. Optical splice cassette consists of holders for cable connections and free space for a cable reserve, which is wound in 2-3 circles with an allowable bend. Fiber optic cable withstands stretching well, however, when bent, the fibers break easily, so it is recommended to install them with a radius of more than 30 mm. The main place of installation of the device is cross equipment. Splice boxes are used only when the fiber optic cable is welded with pigtails.
Installation of the box takes a minimum of time. In the outer part of the cassette there are holes for fastening to the panel with two screws or one central one. Also, the cassette can be installed in an optical cross splicing on a wall or inside a cabinet or rack.

Splice cassette characteristics

An important point when choosing a cassette is its dimensions. The use of compact models with a height of up to 7 mm allows you to install a splice cassette panel in a single-unit patch in a set of 4 pieces, which will increase the number of cable connections by 4 times. For small cassettes with a lodgment length of up to 25 mm, it is recommended to select splicing clamps with a length of no more than 45 mm.
There are models with a rigid lid or a flexible lid made of transparent plastic. Also, the cassette is completed with a table for cable connection marks. A removable splice cassette cover is provided for stacking cassettes on top of each other. With this arrangement, each subsequent cassette acts as a cover for the previous one, and in the optical crossover with splice cassettes, all cable splices will be reliably fixed and ordered.
The capacity of the cassette is determined by the number of holders. The most popular models are for 12, 24 and 32 holders. The 24-port splice cassette can hold up to 48 connections. You can buy a splice cassette with fixed or removable snap-on holders. You can also buy them with an adhesive mount. How to work with a cassette:

put the cable into the box;
lay the supply of fibers;
place sleeves with welded joints in the clamps.
Two sleeves are fixed in one holder. If you need to put an odd number of connections, an additional “dummy” sleeve is placed in the holder with one sleeve. Perforated holes in the I / O allow you to secure the cable harness with the supplied cable ties.

Why is it profitable to buy a splice cassette from us

The huge number of offers on the market forces you to spend time looking for a profitable price and suitable order conditions. Ipcom's attractive prices, a large assortment of related products and a complete description of the models save time searching among online stores.
The universal splice cassette can be bought in our store in a few clicks. There are models that differ in the number of holders and sizes. We offer splicing cassettes at a price that will suit projects with varying budgets. All products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.
The dimensions of the splicing cassette body depend on the size of the plates with the connection clips. Our consultants will help you determine the dimensions of the cassettes, the possibility of their connection and select models for the appropriate cross equipment.

Order splice cassette for optical fibers

When ordering a splice cassette for optical fibers, you can arrange delivery to any city, even to Nikopol, even to Borispol. We send orders by New Mail, Intime or Delivery Group every day. The online parcel tracker will show the location and exact delivery date.
The store does not have a mandatory minimum order amount and we ship from one unit of goods. You can pay by bank transfer. If it is not possible to pick up the parcel at the department, you can arrange targeted delivery, in which case payment can be made in cash at the time of receipt.
In addition to splicing cassettes for 12 joints, in the Ipcom store you can buy coils with cables, equipment or order the manufacture of cabinets.



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