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Cabinet for video surveillance

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Anti-vandal box IPCOM БК-550-З-1-2U K-4549
Anti-vandal box IPCOM БК-550-З-1-2U K-4549

Anti-vandal box IPCOM БК-550-З-1-2U K-4549

1 511.02 грн.

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Anti-vandal box IPCOM BK-400-З-1
Anti-vandal box IPCOM BK-400-З-1

Anti-vandal box IPCOM BK-400-З-1

884.87 грн.

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DVR cabinet

The cabinet for the DVR is an anti-vandal box that reliably protects video equipment from unauthorized access, burglary and contamination. It can also be called a telecommunication cabinet.
If the video camera signal is broadcast at a great distance from the system user or requires an isolated environment for the equipment, the CCTV cabinet copes with these tasks. There are many models on the market that differ in shape, size, type and degree of protection. Choosing the right design, you need to focus on the needs of the project and the features of the equipment. For example, a wall-mounted video surveillance cabinet installed in a bank differs in the degree of protection from those used by security structures in schools or hospitals.
The dimensions of the structure are selected depending on the parameters and the amount of equipment. The standard 19 "CCTV cabinet is suitable for 19" CCTV equipment. It installs switches or DVRs of companies ...

Features of CCTV cabinets

The cabinet for video surveillance equipment is made of sheet steel, up to 2 mm thick. Models for indoor installation are mounted on the wall indoors using anchors or self-tapping screws.
Regardless of the place of installation, the structure can be welded or prefabricated, in which the walls are easily connected to each other. The doors can be of the pencil case type and move aside or open in the usual way.
If you need to provide additional security to your equipment, it is recommended to choose an anti-vandal cabinet for the DVR. The structure differs in the thickness of the steel and the lock, with a more reliable lock. It can withstand blows and cannot be cracked.
Security boxes for CCTV come in different shapes and sizes. For compact equipment, narrow models with a size of 550x150 mm are suitable. For more equipment, you can use a 600x600 mm model, which can withstand up to 120 kg of load. There are also designs with an inspection window so that you can monitor the condition of the equipment without opening the door.

Shape and dimensions

Natural ventilation is provided through the perforations in the walls, but space can also be provided for installing fans to reduce the temperature inside the CCTV switch cabinet in case of equipment overheating.

Order a video recorder cabinet in our store

Equipment security is one of the main challenges that switch CCTV cabinets must deal with. We produce structures in various designs, including anti-vandal models so that unauthorized persons do not have access to the equipment, as well as dust-proof and moisture-proof cabinets.
Ipcom offers standard cabinets, as well as custom-made construction for a specific project. In this case, customers can choose not only the dimensions of the products, but also the type of lock, the degree of protection, and the color of the model. The advantages of our cabinets:

  • it is possible to manufacture boxes in any configuration;
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty;
  • discounts for partners and wholesale customers.

The manufacture of video surveillance cabinets takes place at our factory in Kharkov. We send finished products across Ukraine by transport companies Novaya Pochta or Deliveri, according to the tariffs and conditions of the carriers.
You can place an order in a few clicks through the electronic shopping cart on the site. If you need advice, our managers will answer all your questions by phone.




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