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Structured cabling systems

SCS are cable systems that include a set of cables and telecommunication cabinets for various purposes: communication, fire and burglar alarms. In the modern world, it is an integral attribute of residential, office, public, administrative and industrial buildings. Thus, the efficiency of enterprises is carried out.
The structure contains the following subsystems:

  • network;
  • subsystems responsible for security;
  • IP telephony, voice mail;
  • systems controlling access and authorization;
  • monitoring and control;
  • communication subsystems (audio, video);
  • wireless networks.


SCS advantages

The priority advantage is the laying during the construction phase of the building, which allows it to withstand heavy loads. Such systems are able to adapt to various equipment, including modernized ones. Other advantages include high reliability and low maintenance and operating costs. SCS adapt to various devices and provide high-speed signal transmission.


Office project

High-quality installation of SCS for the office in the future will ensure uninterrupted operation and fast interaction between the computers of the company's employees. Which directly affects productivity and profit. They are able to adapt to any organization's needs:

  • telephony;
  • the Internet;
  • video surveillance;
  • warning systems;
  • fire alarm;
  • security alarm.

In order to adapt to the needs of the SCS office, you can use copper or fiber optics.
A variety of information services of various subspecies and purposes, various peripheral devices, as well as workstations are combined together. The structure has the ability to connect any devices: PCs, telephones, printers and scanners, control panels. This cabling system connects all rooms in the office and buildings. The main goal is the transfer of files and signals and the interaction between them.


Application site for structured cabling

  • industrial facilities;
  • living spaces;
  • offices;
  • business centers;
  • administrative buildings.


Service features

This is a relatively difficult structure to maintain, which requires the involvement of highly qualified specialists to carry out design work, installation, as well as for further operation.


Installation process

Before starting, it is necessary to conduct a full audit of the facility, to determine the main tasks that must be solved. Then the development takes place. The project is a diagram with a detailed location of all elements, including connection points.

In accordance with the approved projects and after purchasing the necessary equipment systems, the following is carried out:

  • location of the switching center;
  • installation of electrical switchboards;
  • installation of channels;
  • location of access points;
  • installation of sockets;
  • laying of cables.

During circuit design, memory size, bandwidth, signaling rate, and processor performance are optimized. Requirements for the security and protection of information data are taken into account. For this, all elements of the scheme are protected by a system of passwords of different levels.
The complex of works on installation also involves testing with modern devices in order to check the performance and identify deficiencies. After completion of all installation processes, certification, visual inspection and transfer of documentation are carried out.

An important point is maintenance for the smooth operation of Internet equipment and free access to internal as well as external services of a company or enterprise.




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