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42u Rack 600 x 1000 mm ST 06-10 Grey

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Product Code: *0000000255
Product Model: СТ 42U-06-10-7035
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The 42U Rack 600 x 1000 mm ST-42U-06-10 is designed to accommodate telecommunication, electrical, cross-connect, and other equipment built to the 19-inch standard. This large server rack provides ample capacity, simplified access for maintenance, and optimized cable organization.

We've crafted this 4-post rack from dense steel to ensure the safety of your equipment. The adjustable depth of this model allows for versatile installation and optimal use of space. This feature makes it ideal for accommodating various types of equipment. Our products come with all the necessary documentation.
In our official store, you will also find all the necessary accessories.

Technical Specifications of the 42U Rack 600 x 1000 mm:

Heigt, U 42
Width, mm 580
Depth, mm 600-1000
Step of adjustment of mounting racks, mm 25
Max. stat. load 1000 kg


Free-standing network racks from Ipcom are available in gray and black. They are delivered unassembled. The 42U rack 600 x 1000 mm is sold wholesale.

Buy the 42U Rack 600 x 1000 mm directly from Ipcom and benefit from competitive wholesale prices and affordable logistics across Europe.

Габариты (ШхВхГ), мм 580х1866х600-1000
Max. stat. load, kg 1000
Тип исполнения Outdoor
Шаг регулировки монтажных стоек, мм 25
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