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If necessary, interconnect optical fiber devices located at a distance of over 2 km from each other, it is advisable to use the cable OPT-24A4 (2x12 + 2). Due to the presence of 24 optical conductors, it is able to transmit huge amounts of information for a minimum period of time without any distortion. The cable itself is protected from the inside by an additional reinforced metal rod, and from the outside, by a durable, hermetic polyethylene housing. Able to withstand huge temperature extremes, moisture, exposure to sunlight. Yuzhkabel cable OPT-24A4 (2x12 + 2) -4.0 holds a breaking load of up to 4 kN.

Manufacturer: Yuzhkabel
Model: OPT-24A4 (2x12 + 2) -4.0
Equipment Type: Fiber Optic Cable
Optical fibers 24
Tolerant stretch force kN 4 kN
Ambient temperature at operation from -40 ° С to + 60 ° С; from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C in the performance of CL
Permissible crushing force, kN / cm not less than 2000
Electrical insulation resistance of the shell 2000 Mom * km
Shelf life indoors: no more than 15 years; under a canopy: no more than 10 years
Outer diameter Dnar, mm from 10.25 * 17.85 to 22.45 * 22.35
Cable weight, kg / km from 115 to 250
Minimum bend radius, mm 20 D
Construction cable length not less than 2000 m
Application area Suspended
12 months warranty
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Cable brand OPT
Power Element: Steel Cable




Model ОРТ
Application Suspension
Number of fibers 24
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