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Rack-mount receptacle strips



For the arrangement of telecommunication networks, local computer networks of various institutions, IPCOM telecommunication racks are used. The universally accepted standard for THESE racks today is 19 inches. For optimal distribution of electricity, protection of electronic devices, socket blocks are used. The block of sockets in such a rack performs a whole range of tasks for power supply and protection of equipment:

  • allows you to do without an extension cord;
  • has an auto-disconnect device in critical situations (short circuit, overload current)
  • has a grounding contact;
  • each group in the block is equipped with non-linear surge suppressors to protect against significant impulse noise.

Blocks are made in a steel case, they exist only in horizontal design. The number of outlets is three to twelve. Depending on the model, the unit is equipped with a different number of earthed euro sockets and IEC, AC-2 sockets. With this design, it is impossible to replace one failed outlet without changing the entire busbar.
The unit is indicated by means of an indicator lamp in conjunction with a switch (automatic) or by means of an input switch illumination. For powering, a cord with a Euro or AC-1 plug is used, less often through an IEC or AC-1 socket. The height of the standard unit is 1U, but this does NOT prevent mounting in a 19 ”rack.

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