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Socket blocks for server cabinets

Telecommunication racks and cabinets allow you to neatly place all the necessary equipment in them. To connect it, you need a different number of electrical outlets with guaranteed parameters. The socket block for the server cabinet helps to easily solve this problem. Thanks to the device, power is distributed to consumers, the load on the network is reduced, and safe and stable operation of sensitive digital equipment is ensured.

What you need to know when choosing network filters?

Features of sockets in a server cabinet

The surge protector in the server rack has standardized dimensions and is designed for mounting on rails of a 19-inch cabinet. Using the mounting holes on the housing, the socket block can also be mounted on walls.

The number of connection points is one of the main characteristics of network filters. They can be from three to 24 pieces. The most common are devices for 6, 8 or 9 seats. It is advisable to make a reserve for one or two spare connection sockets.
It is also worth considering that products in a metal block-case are resistant to external influences. Plastic copies will be the best option for structures with a small load capacity.

Design of server network filters

A rack surge protector is a set of sockets in a metal or plastic case, with special fasteners to the rails of server cabinets or rack racks. Available in 10" or 19" widths, they fit into any server rack and cabinet.
Some devices are equipped with a switch with a light and a cable. They are able not only to distribute power between devices, but also to suppress high-frequency and impulse noise. A built-in fuse will de-energize expensive equipment in case of strong power surges. It is also possible to independently disconnect all devices from the mains.

Types of rack network filters

A wide variety of types of system filters makes it possible to select suitable products. And here you should pay attention to some differences between the models, namely:

  1. Types of electrical outlets. The standard equipment is designed to use a conventional plug. However, there are brands with a C13 connector.
  2.  Height. It is one or one and a half units (1 U = 44.45 mm).
  3. The maximum current that the block can support. Devices withstand 10, 16, 20A and more.
  4. The presence of a wire. Some devices come with a 1.8 or 2 meter cord. The surge protector without a cable can be directly connected to an uninterruptible power supply using the C13 connector.

Knowing these nuances, you can easily choose a model for vertical or horizontal mounting.


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