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Sleeves for optical cables

Optical couplings are considered to be integral components of fiber-optic communication lines, otherwise referred to as FOCL. Their use is due to the fact that such a sleeve is able to protect the optical cable in places of mechanical connection or welding from various external influences.

The main thing why it is necessary to follow without fail is the fact that the coupling guarantees the maximum density of the termination of the optical cable. Only in this case it will be possible to avoid breaking and pulling out of the connection from various loads that affect the line.

Benefits of installing an optical cable gland

When installing such a sleeve, you should pay close attention to whether the sleeve for an optical cable has such advantages as tightness, resistance to mechanical stress and environmental influences, whether it is easy to install and repair, whether it involves connecting an additional cable, long service life operation.

Coupling mount

The fastening of the coupling can be carried out with a variety of types of cores. It can be a modular design, and free fibers, and a profiled core. This component has a number of other advantages.

The main reasons that motivate the use of optical couplers are considered to be the switching function, which allows the output of a certain part of the fibers from the connection cable using the connecting cord of a certain active equipment.

If such a cable is damaged, the intermediate sleeves allow you to quickly splice it, repair it and protect the connection from adverse factors. Advantageously, couplings of this type are used when creating long fiber optic lines. Also, bandage tape is an important element in production, it is very often used to secure supports.

Favors the active use of this element and its design. It contains a hermetic gasket, a housing made of high-strength plastic resistant to chemical and mechanical substances, a locking mechanism and a splice cassette, which is used to protect and lay mechanical or welded joints of optical fibers.

Design features of the coupling for optical cable

It will not be superfluous to mention the design features of the product. According to the method of sealing, it can be both for heat shrinkage and mechanical. And according to the method of installation, dead-end and through couplings are distinguished. The first is characterized by the output and input of the cable only on one side, and the second - from the opposite.


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