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Product Code: Тцб-0013865
Product Model: FC/UPC 1,5М
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Pigtail with FC connector

Pigtail - a piece of optical fiber (in a buffer coating d = 0.9 mm) or a distribution cable, armored with an optical connector on one side. Pigtail mounting cable FC is an indispensable element of fiber-optic networks. In literal translation it means "pig's tail" - it got its name because of its external similarity.

The main purpose of the patch cord is to end the fiber mechanically or by welding. It is used to build fiber-optic information transmission systems. Connects to optical sockets of crossover devices using a ferrule.

Pigtail FC - use cases

The installation cable is a versatile product. You can buy FC pigtail in Kharkov for solving various problems. Designed for termination of line cable fibers by welding. Most often used to connect external antennas to devices that operate wirelessly via Wi-Fi:

  • Wi-Fi routers;
  • wireless access points;
  • PCI cards or USB adapters.

The cable has a wide range of applications. It is successfully used in high-speed lines, for solving all kinds of problems when laying communication lines. It is used to connect equipment on highways and when laying home and office networks.

Technical properties, qualities and characteristics

The product is a kind of optical cords. It features a metal connector body, a screw structure, a high-precision ceramic tip.

The buffer-coated optical fiber is terminated with an FC-type ferrule, polishing type - UPC. The length is 1.5 meters, the high-quality work is ensured by the buffer shell of 0.9 mm.

Among the advantages of this type of connectors, it is worth noting:

  • minimal signal loss;
  • slight reflection;
  • excellent connection quality;
  • good interchangeability.

The product has a connector on one side only. For the installation of another part, several methods are provided - mechanical connection, welding.

Optical cords produced and supplied by IP COM LLC comply with the requirements of DSTU IEC 60794-1-2002, DSTU IEC 60794-2-2002, DSTU IEC 60794-3-2002, GOST 18690-82, GSTU 45.019-2001. The quality of the products is confirmed by the relevant documents and certificates.

vendor code Тцб-0013865
Connector type FC
Manufacturing technology epoxy technology
Polishing type UPC
Return loss 55 дБ
The diameter of the protective coating 0.9 мм
Direct losses 0,2 дБ
No. of Cores 1,5 м
Manufacturer IPCOM
Producing country Ukraine
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